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Greenland Paddle Sizing



For choosing the right dimensions, use the sizing guide shown below. This will ensure that you will have your own, perfect sized, Greenland Paddle.

A correctly sized paddle will best fit the needs of its owner, and will show him the real advantages of a Greenland Paddle. You will see the efficiency of the GP from the beginning, even if its shape doesn’t immediately reveal its full potential. The dimensions that will come up after the measurements are taken (see below) can be slightly adjusted. Personal experience will also guide your choice between a longer or a shorter paddle, or maybe a wider or narrower blade. Right after you switch from a European Paddle to a GP, you will probably ask for a GP with a wide blade. But once you discover the real advantage of using a GP, you will not want a wide blade anymore! A blade wider than 90mm is no longer a GP blade. The blade’s width must allow you to grab it easily with your hand, in any circumstances. Continue reading

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Dimensionarea padelei Greenland


Dimensionarea corecta a padelei Greenland este importanta pentru a intelege principiile acesteia si pentru a avea o padela cat mai potrivita, confortabila si adaptata nevoilor tale in padelat. Desi nu pare, vei simti eficienta padelei imediat dupa prima folosire.  Dimensiunile ce rezulta din descrierile de mai jos pot fi usor modificate, experienta  te va face sa alegi o padela mai lunga sau una mai scurta, mai lata sau mai ingusta. Imediat dupa ce treci de la o padela europeana la cea Greenland, vei avea tendinta sa ceri o padela cu latimea palei (blade width) mare. Cu timpul si dupa experienta acumulata in padelat, dupa ce vei intelege  avantajul real al padelei, vei cauta cu siguranta  o latime mai mica a palei.  O pala mai lata de 90 mm nu este specifica padelei Greenland, latimea ei trebuie sa-ti permita o apucare normala a palei in situatii diferite. Continue reading

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